The PRUsAP Annual Conference has been a regular item on the calendar since the year 2000. The first three were small one day events arranged by Tym Radcliffe from the Francis Barber PRU in Wandsworth. It was soon decided that one day was not sufficient and two day larger events were organised, but without accommodation or meals. These were held in Blackpool – 2003, Stafford – 2004 and Utoxeter – 2005.

In 2006 the first full conference was held in Cheltenham where full board for the two days was offered as part of the whole Conference package. The two day conferences were attended by many for the next 10 years, but with school budgets becoming tighter, the one day format returned in 2017.

We are now getting ready for our 2019 conference, taking place at Jury’s Inn, Birmingham on Friday 5th July, Please follow this link to book your place 

PRUsAP Conference 2019